The Hall is booked on the following dates: (all other dates are free)


MONDAYS - 7.30 - 9.30 MIdhurst Writers' Group,

TUESDAYS - 7.30 - 8.45 Yoga Class 

THURSDAYS 10 - 11.30 a.m. Yoga Group 



April 19th 7.30 WI

April 24th Lunch Club 

April 25th Knit & Natter  2.30pm 

April 26th 2.30 WI

April 27th     STEDHAM FILMS - 7.00 for 7.30pm  "Their Finest" with Bill Nighy.  FREE entry.  Refreshments available 

May 5th - Private booking 

May 6th Cycle Ride Pit Stop 

May 12th  IPING - Cream Teas and Open Gardens at Hammerwood House.  Stalls include Bric-a-  Brac, Furnishing fabrics, plants and cards from local artists. 

May 16th 7.30 Stdham with Iping Parish Council  

May 17th 7.30 WI

May 19th Horticultural Society Morning Annual Plant Sale 

May 23rd 2.30 WI

May 29th Lunch Club 

June 9th  Private booking 

June 21st 7.30 WI

June 23rd  6.00 - 8.00pm  Village Summer Drinks on the Green. 

June 24th  IPING - Cream Teas and Open Gardens throughout the village. 

June 27th 2.30 WI

June 25th Lunch Club 

July 6th  IPING   Charity Golf Match (Texas Scramble) at Chiddingfold Golf Club, organised by the church fundraising team.  Please contact Sue on 815510 

July 18th 7.30 Stedham with Iping Parish Council 

July 25th 2.30 WI

July 28th Horticultural Society All Day Annual fFower Show 

July 31st Lunch Club 

August 22nd 2.30 WI

August 28th Lunch Club 

September 6th Cycle Ride Pit Stop 

September 11th Stedham Memorial Hall Trust AGM 7.30 

September 19th 7.30 Stedham with Iping Parish Council 

September 20th 7.30 WI

September 25th Lunch Club 

September 26th 2.30 WI

October 14th - Harvest Supper 

October 18th 7.30 WI

October 24th 2.30 WI

October 25th Horticultural Society Evening Speaker 

October 27th  7.00 for 7.30pm  LIVE THEATRE - "Brilliance" presented by the Farnham Maltings Theatre Company.  Suitable for aged 10+.  Refreshments available. 

October 30th Lunch Club 

November to February - Sunday afternoons - FAMILY GAMES AFTERNOONS.  Come with the family, friends or on your own; bring your board games, csrds,, mahjong. 

November 15th .7.30 WI

November 21st 2.30 WI

November 21st 7.30 Stedham with Iping Parish Council 

November 29th Horticultural Society Afternoon Speaker 

December 11th Lunch Club 

December 13th 7.30 WI 


January 31st Horticultural Society AGM and Social